Our coffee is made for you.
The earth nurtures the plants. The fire roasts the beans. The water brews the coffee. The aroma fills the air. And then the fifth element—take a sip, and it’s there. You feel it—something that both stirs and soothes the spirit.

That’s the human element.

The People's Cup

The Peoples Cup

Jax Coffee was founded on the potential of people.

Located in California, our family-owned roastery believes deeply in helping unlock the strength in those around us. On the days when you don’t know how to go on, on days that feel dull and ordinary, let us hand you a warm cup of clarity for a hard day’s work or a cup of comfort for a soft Sunday morning. The sun rises with coffee, so start the day right.

Coffee, our coffee, has your back every single day.

Grounded Feeling

The coffee bean holds a certain untapped energy, but it is also imbued with human touch.

Grown with care, harvested with thought, roasted with heart, these beans have changed hands so many times to arrive at your door—the unmatched flavor isn’t merely taste. It’s effort, history, passion: the human element that you can feel across any distance.

Grounded Feeling
Your Coffee Ritual

Your Coffee Ritual

Our coffee isn’t convenience in a cup.

It starts as beans in a bag to grind and brew, but it’s brought to its full potential by you. It’s the experience, the aroma, the time, and the taste that comes to life when you slow down, breathe, and take a sip.

Brew yourself a cup of pure potential, and let’s face life’s challenges together.

Jax is your cup of coffee, because it’s made
by you, for you.

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