At Jax Coffee Roastery, we source our green beans from all over the world, and different locations come with different tastes! From the popular naturally fruity flavor of the Ethiopian beans (Yirgacheffe) to Guatemalan means’ nutty quality (Tenango), everyone is sure to find something that suits them.

When purchasing green beans, Jax roasters only pursue the highest grade, ethically-sourced beans so we can keep our creations guilt-free.

Most of the regions we purchase from have been growing and harvesting coffee for centuries, and behind the transformation from seed to fruit to bean holds decades of tradition, cultivation, and patience.

You may be surprised to know that not all coffee beans taste the same. In specialty coffees, the distinctive flavor notes from each type of bean are all the results of the environment the Coffea arabica plant was grown in. So, when you taste hints of blueberry in one coffee and a tease of cedar in another, it’s all-natural!

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Roasting Time


These peculiar, unexpected flavors might come from the soil, the plant's altitude, or what it's been watered with, but also from the way the coffee is prepared after being harvested (the type of processing method). If it's sun-dried with the berry parts still containing the bean, it might exude a fruity taste. If the outer skin is washed off and the bean is only dried with its papery inner layers (called parchment!), the resulting coffee will taste different.

So, when buying Single Origin beans, pay attention to where it comes from and how it's processed! In the world of coffee, one small detail of difference might mean it'll play a different note as it dances across your tongue.

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